The ALCIS intracerebral depth electrodes are multi-contact electrodes dedicated to SEEG recording and to short stimulation in the context of a pre-surgical diagnosis of epilepsy, and also to thermocoagulation, as a therapeutic alternative of the conventional surgery.

The thermocoagulation can be directly performed with the electrodes previously implanted. It Is realized between two contiguous macro contacts, using a compatible RF generator and a connection box. The Alcis connection box 2069-BC3 allows to select a couple of contacts to coagulate, but also with a simple action on a button, to check the EEG signal on a recording system, just after the thermocoagulation.


The Alcis electrodes are available in several ranges: standard, high resolution, long step and micro-macro. The standard range meets most of the exploration needs, Alcis created the high-resolution range, to propose a high special resolution of the EEG signal. The long step range offers a longer exploration length for the same number of contacts. The micro-macro electrodes enable to record EEG signal on two different scales: micro and macro scales.

CE 1014 class III medical devices.

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