VideoEEG in the comfort of your home

Gilat Medical is offering clinical grade, in-home, long term, Video EEG monitoring services, eliminating waiting time and the unpleasant visit to the hospital.

A trained agent will arrive at your home, give you a brief about the system and process, place the EEG cap and after checking that everything is OK, will leave you to continue your home daily routine.

At the end of the test, our agent will meet you at home, remove the EEG system and give you a disk on key with your EEG test file, you will be able to consult and have it analyzed with any neurologist you like. 

The new innovative EEG system contains an electrode cap, a small amplifier placed in a small pouch bag and a full HD portable camera with night vision.

The same system is used in hospitals and is CE approved.

We strongly recommend consulting an EEG specialist neurologist prior to the test to evaluate the optimal test duration.

We recommend consulting your health insurance provider as they might have coverage for a major part of the cost.

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