Micromed is leading the field of ambulatory EEG systems for over 30 years, developing and manufacturing innovative and reliable ambulatory devices for this special neurophysiology application.

This system is becoming a must-have in a world where remote monitoring and home care are gaining more and more traction and demand,

Morpheus is a 34 channels, 200 gr' EEG amplifier with advanced management of wireless communication, enabling roaming on different areas and automatic switching between wired / wireless / “no connection” modes. This allows a truly continuous recording without losing any single sample of EEG data. Ideal for Home application, it performs extremely well for inpatient as well, giving continuous and perfect signals for 48 hours or more.

Minimum size and weight makes Morpheus ideal for both adult and pediatric patients. The wireless function makes setup and verification easier and the system can be started by itself without the need of an external PC.

A High-Quality Video camera can be added: FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080) with Infrared recording capability can be operational (starting the synchronized recording) by just opening the camera lid.


It is for sure the easiest to operate system on the market.

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