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Event Related Potentials (ERP's) are electro physiological brain activities which are generated as a response to stimulating the sensory modalities (visual auditory and Somatosensory). The short latency potentials are elicited by the activation of the relevant modality in the cortex, while the long latency potentials reflect cognitive brain functions. Due to the high sampling rate the temporal resolution of the ERP's is extremely accurate. ERP's are used to explore high brain activity during cognitive neuroscience tasks, cognitive psychology tasks, psycholinguistics tasks, neurolinguistics tasks, neuropsychology and neurology.
By a proper design of an experiment, the researcher can explore the perceptual and cognitive processing of the brain. Using a mathematical model he is able to correlate between the ERP's and their physiological source. 
S. Gilat Medical Research & Equipment Ltd produces an optimal user friendly state of the art system to stimulate record and analyze event related potentials. Gilat Medical system can deliver any kind of auditory, visual, video and Somato-sensory (stimulation and integrate most external stimulators). The ERP system can be combined with fMRI system to get both a highly accurate temporal (ERP system) and spatial resolution (fMRI system) data.